You know that you’ve got a product or service that is destined for success, it’s so important that you also know who your customers are and how you are going to reach them. This is where a carefully thought-out marketing plan comes into play. The term ‘advertising’ is often used synonymously with ‘marketing’, yet advertising is only a small component of the marketing plan.

The marketing plan is an extensive blueprint that defines the way the organization will interact with stakeholders. It positions the organization for success by:

     1.     Assessing the current environment in which the organization operates, including its macro and internal
     2.     Providing market and consumer analysis
     3.     Defining the marketing strategy for product, price, promotion, distribution, and segmentation
     4.     Outlining a plan for implementation
     5.     Summarizing financial assumptions and requirements
     6.     Predicting and plans for future scenarios

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Brand Management and Identity
It’s true, we associate feelings, perceptions, and experiences with visual cues, such as brands. A strong brand can make mouths water, provoke emotional response, or tip the decision to choose your product, or service, over another.
We can offer a number of services that will help you to stand out from competitors, including:

     •     Logo Strategy and Development
     •     Color Strategy and Application
     •     Website Analysis and Design
     •     Development of marketing collateral (brochures, business cards, scripts, presentations, etc.)

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Marketing Management
Reaching your market.