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Global Expansion: Don't miss the cultural cues


Bradley Davis

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Watching for cultural cues

Taking the first steps toward expanding into a foreign market can be daunting, even when there aren't major differences in culture and language.

Ten years ago I was newly married and living down under. It was my first experience living in an English-speaking country other than my own (the United States). I expected Australian culture to align closely with American culture, and I certainly didn’t anticipate any confusion from differences in accent.

On one of my first outings to the grocery store, my...

Don't Plan to Fail


Bradley Davis

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RLD Global - Be PreparedI often work with entrepreneurs and executives excited about the future prospects of a new product or service they have to offer the world. They enter the market willing to accept the risks that threaten their success. This excitement creates jobs, furthers technological advancement, and buoys up economies.  Unfortunately, many of these businesses move forward based solely on their excitement without doing the due diligence to ensure success. Like so many other ventures they become the statistics of failed dreams, in large part because they fail to plan.